Jobs For Juveniles

Our “Job Training for Juveniles” program is a 17-week immersion program that aims to arm youth who are being adjudicated for low level offenses, and those assessed as low risk to reoffend, with skills that prepare them for a meaningful life outside of the criminal justice system.

We have partnered with local communities, vocational schools and some of the top dog-training professionals in the world to curate career-oriented programs through a number of dog-related courses. All of our courses follow an apprenticeship model which includes learning to assist, teach and facilitate the courses.

Program tracks include:

  • Training Track 1: Certified Pet Hygienist & Certified Pet Groomer
  • Training Track 2: Medical Service & Therapy Work
  • Training Track 3: Detection/Tracking
  • Training Track 4: Personal Protection
  • Training Track 5: Agility & Sport Competition
  • Training Track 6: Decoy/Protection Work

Our training tracks include the following educational courses:

  • Puppy Classes
  • Basic, Intermediate & Advanced Obedience
  • K9 Safety Classes & CGC (Canine Good Citizen) Training and Testing
  • Professional Pet First Aid / CPR Training
  • R.A.T. (Rattlesnake Aversion Training)
  • K9 Group Hikes
  • Special Field Trip Classes

Students are assigned a dog for the duration of the training program. Additionally, all students participate in kennel maintenance and management. Upon successful graduation from the program, our students receive a professional dog training certification, credit hours towards accreditation with nationally recognized professional dog training organizations, along with additional certifications in Pet First Aid, Dog CPR and Advanced Pet Safety, Dog Walking, Dog Emotion & Cognition, Animal Welfare & Behavior, and Animal Psychology.

For more information and to register reach out to us at [email protected]

Additional Background on the ‘Job Training for Juveniles’ Program:

We recognize that one of the challenges in many communities, especially in less populated areas, has been in providing community-based options, particularly for at-risk youth. The lack of access to proven programs; including job training and education, has been cited by the U.S. government as a contributing factor in youth criminal activity and commitment of low-risk youth to state facilities. Redemption Road K9 seeks to combat these formidable challenges through partnerships with local technical schools to bring on-line training and introductory hands-on classes, particularly for at-risk youth and those recently released from the justice system. Our program focuses on teaching skills that will help our students find and maintain gainful employment and provide them with opportunities to dissuade them from reoffending.

Additionally, Redemption Road K9 offers classes and certifications in:

  • Dog CPR Certification
  • Dog Walking
  • Dog Training
  • Pet Grooming
  • Dog Emotion & Cognition
  • Animal Welfare & Behavior
  • Animal Psychology
  • Canine Nutritionist and Fresh Food Formulator
  • Pet First Aid + Safety
  • Natural Home Remedies & Pet First Aid for Dogs & Cat
  • Certified Animal Practitioner (With a Specialization in Dogs)

Some of the unique seminars that we offer at Redemption Road K9 include: Pack Leadership 101, K9 R.A.T. (Rattlesnake Aversion Training), Street Obedience, Movie Tricks, Decoy Training, Competitive Obedience, Heeling, Leash Etiquette, Woof Shush (teaching a dog to bark and be quiet on command) and Pet First Aid / CPR Training, just to name just a few.

For more information and to register reach out to us at [email protected]