Our workshops are incredibly supportive and friendly spaces that allow for a great deal of learning and positive experiences.

Canine Diet + Nutritionist for the Canine Athlete

Our certified canine nutritionists and food formulators (CNFF), as well as a certified canine athlete specialists and advisors, are uniquely positioned to advise on and develop specialized canine nutritional plans as well as comprehensive workout programs for your dog.

Pack Leadership

Essential training to help handlers establish pack leadership based on trust, calm and confident influence, clear communication, assertive and timely boundary setting, food acquisition and the obtainment/procurement of shelter.

Elite Canine Athlete Conditioning

Learn what it takes to prepare your dog for its job from a fitness and conditioning standpoint. This workshop is best utilized when taken in conjunction with the canine diet + nutritionist for canine athlete workshop.

Dog CPR, First Aid + Safety For Pet Pros + Dedicated Owners Workshops

Essential training to keep dogs safe & gain the skills & confidence to take action in an emergency.