Training Packages

Training Packages:

According to the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals® (ASPCA®), approximately 6.5 million companion animals arrive at one of the community animal shelters nationwide every year. Of the approximately 6.5 million companion animals who enter shelters nationwide every year, approximately 3.3 million are dogs. Of the dogs entering shelters, approximately 48% are adopted and 20% are euthanized. This equates to about 700,000 dogs killed per year. Although dogs enter shelters for a variety of reasons, the majority of shelter populations are composed of strays, rescues and surrendered dogs whose owners can no longer care for them due to financial, behavioral or other unforeseen barriers.

At Redemption Road K9, we see it as our professional responsibility to provide educational resources and training to help make sure you and your dog have the best relationship possible and that your dog reaches his or her full potential. Redemption Road K9 is a 10-acre cynology center, canine training, and boarding facility complete with livestock including chickens, guinea fowl, as well as domesticated rabbits and cats. It is one of the largest specialized dog facilities dedicated to canine training and handler education in Southern California. The facility is staffed with a seasoned management team, 4 instructors/trainers, a 24-hour on-call veterinarian technician, and 1 kennel technician. Our training director John Anthony has advanced certifications in Dog Emotion & Cognition (Duke University), Animal Welfare & Behavior (University of Edinburgh), along with being a Certified Trial Decoy, Certified Canine Athlete Advisor (CCAA), and Certified Canine Athlete Specialist (CCAS). He is a graduate of the Sirius Dog Training Academy Dog Trainer (SDTADT), member of the National Dog Groomers Association of America (NDGAA), a Canine Nutritionist & Fresh Food Formulator, trained in Natural Home Remedies & Pet First Aid for Dogs & Cat, and a Certified Animal Reiki Practitioner (With a Specialization in Dogs). 

His mixed-technique methodology is based on marker training and has revolutionized dog training by creating a comprehensive and scientific relationship-based curriculum that takes dogs from puppyhood to patrol and everything in between. He addresses dog behavior, cognition, and emotion by utilizing a combination of cutting edge tactical assessments, interactive games and critical analysis to obtain an in depth perspective on how a dog thinks, sees the world, and its natural propensities for conducting certain jobs and types of work. He explores the dog’s thinking, learning, and problem-solving abilities that influence much of its behavior to inform his customized curriculum for each dog that he works with. 

  •  4+ Full-Time Operational Staff
  •  10 Acres of Training Land
  • Fully Operational Kennels Cleaned 1x Per Day
  • 2 Separate & Enclosed Dog Yards
  • Isolated Quarantine Kennel & Yard  Huge 270×130 Fenced Dog Training Arena
  • Canine Performance and Conditioning Equipment
  • Fenced dog training field 
  • Fenced pasture
  • 4 stall barn with water + electricity
  •  Pet Grooming
  • 1 more corral w/ shader
  • Canine Science and Research Library

In Home

Initial In-Home Private Training Package:

Our Initial Private Training Package conducted in the home addresses: house management crate training, housebreaking, chewing and redirection, controlling biting/mouthing, use of “x-pens,” place work, leash walking, exercise regimes, environmental enrichment, crate barking, positive play habits, positive feeding training and socialization. Package includes ten (10) one-on-one training sessions at 60 min each.

Price: $2,000

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Off-Site Board & Train

Bronze Package (2 weeks)(On-leash)- $2,700

This training package includes basic obedience commands on-leash such as sit, down, stay, release, come, off, and “no”, along with basic leash manners. This package also includes some very basic socialization training.  

Silver Package (3 weeks)(Off-leash)- $3,700

In addition to the training education offered in the Bronze package, the Silver package offers a more advanced training program, including: off leash come, sit, down, stay, come, off, no, wait, leave it, and heel (on-leash) along with place (go to your bed), and a whistle recall. This package also includes more advanced socialization and exposure training including exposure to different surfaces, working around and meeting other dogs, humans, and sound inoculation. 

Gold Package (5 weeks)(Off-leash)- $5,000

The Gold package includes all of the benefits of the previous packages along with the added obedience commands “go potty” on command, bring it, speak, quiet, attention (eyes),  release, go, jump, and bring it. This package includes a proofing portion where the dog learns how to maintain these obedience commands around different distractions out in the world. This package also includes more advanced socialization and exposure training including additional surface exposure training, sound inoculation, working around and meeting other dogs, humans, equipment, smells and public access training field trips. This package culminates with preparation for the American Kennel Club Canine Good Citizen (CGC) test. 

Platinum Package (10 weeks)- Call For Details

Redemption Road K9 offers payment plans as well as subsidized programs for low-income qualifiers.


At Redemption Road K9, we believe in and guarantee our work (excluding any physical, psychological or medical conditions inhibiting the dog’s ability to train). A clean bill of health from your veterinarian is required before board and train can begin. It is the responsibility of the dog owner to work with our trainers to transfer and reinforce the skills and behaviors learned while working with Redemption Road K9. Each of our packages includes a well-detailed training log, photographs and video footage of the trained behaviors.  

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